Organize This: Budget Busting Pantry!

Proper pantry organization can impact the functionality of the entire kitchen.  The pantry is important for storing our daily nutrients, and keeping it organized will ensure meal time goes off without a hitch.  Organizing the pantry can also assist with meal planning and grocery shopping, proper food storage and quick access to the items used …

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Everyday Convenience

Picture this: Your son’s uniform needs to be washed in time for today’s game, and you know you’ll be cutting it close. You put it in the washer, set the appropriate cycle, then jump to other tasks around the house. You can check the time left in the cycle on your smartphone, and, when it’s …

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Everything in the Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is a kitchen sink, right? From one sink to another, how much difference could there be? Actually, quite a lot, according to Jake Smith , technical director for Rohl, a California sink manufacturer. Smith recently co-led a seminar for design professional