Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders Parade of Homes

Marketing RELEVANCE Builds Parade of Homes Website

Marketing RELEVANCE, LLC (mRELEVANCE) is proud to announce that it has developed a Parade of Homes website to assist home builders associations (HBAs) in the tracking of their programs, increasing participation and supporting the award process.
A Parade of Homes website means that the old pains of judging a large, cumbersome event are no more. The best part is that the new method of creating a Parade of Homes website is time-efficient and customizable, according to each community or organization.
Interested parties can now access the tour of homes at their fingertips. Parade of Homes events, especially an internet-based, mobile-friendly one, can increase awareness of trends and new homes in the building industry while attracting more interested visitors in much less time than a traditional Parade of Homes would. Overall, this new method streamlines the process of showing homes and increases revenue.
“Our Parade of Homes website streamlines planning, judging and even navigating home routes,” said mRELEVANCE Managing Partner Mitch Levinson. “Everything is done via the website, which greatly cuts down on time spent while increasing revenue. Hosting a Parade of Homes is a great way to showcase your members and their homes while generating buzz for your builder’s homes and communities, as well as the HBA and its sponsors.”
In addition to mRELEVANCE’s recent partnership with the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, the Greater Atlanta HBA also uses a comparable mRELEVANCE site to manage entries for its annual OBIE Awards.
Local HBAs who want to create awareness of their communities and new homes year-round would benefit from following mRELEVANCE’s model by delivering their products straight to consumers and enjoying straightforward interaction with builders, designers, decorators, other vendors and consumers.
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