Winter or Spring: It's Time to Think Seeds



It’s official. This has been the second warmest winter in Chicago in the past 80 years.
It’s been so warm, I’ve had little yellow flowers outside my Chicago real estate for weeks.
Remember the winter the experts had predicted? More on that later.
Now, back to flowers: An urban greening project is giving away seeds to Chicago-area residents.


One Seed Chicago is a project of NeighborSpace, Chicago’s land trust for community gardens. Each year, Chicago gardeners select a plant to be the focus of a season-long celebration. Chicagoland residents vote for their favorite seed and the winner is mailed out for free to the voters.
This is the “Year of the Herb,” and the three herbs represented are cilantro, basil and chamomile.


If you are a Chicago-area resident, visit oneseedchicago, where you can find out about each herb, vote for your favorite and sign up to get the winner for free.
Votes are being accepted through March 20.
Back to winter: I have to throw out a kudos to ABC-7 meteorologist Phil Schwarz. Back in the fall, I was having panic attacks while all the reporters were predicting one of the worst winters on record with statements like, “People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter.”
But Schwarz calmed me when he said that the weather can’t really be predicted that far in advance and to take the speculations with a grain of salt. And, look: the city barely needed salt this winter.
Happy practically Spring, Chicago!