When is a Flaw a Deal Breaker in the Hunt for a Chicago New Home?

hunt for Chicago new homeWhen out on the hunt for a Chicago new home, you have to understand that you probably aren’t going to find your dream home. But, the good news is that even if something isn’t quite right, there are options, which means it is important to know what is fixable and when you should run.
Pay attention to the structure and layout – these things are harder to change. On the other hand, some of the things that might immediately turn you off such as paint colors, wallpaper choices or accoutrements like window treatments or large mirrors, can be removed and replaced with east. In many cases, you can include these changes in the negotiations for the home rather than having to worry about changing them yourself when you move in.
Some other factors may be a little more borderline, but shouldn’t be an outright deal breaker if you love the house. Broken heating systems or discolorations, for example, are some of the kinds of problems often found in older homes or foreclosures. For problems like these, you should consult an expert to find out how much these fixes will cost, and whether you should include them in your negotiations.
In the end, it’s important to remember that it is still a buyer’s market and everything in negotiable. Don’t let minor repairs or changes keep you from your next Chicago home.