We Want Pictures of Your Halloweened-Out Home

Halloween is a fun time of year whether you are a kid, have a kid or are a kid at heart. If you get into it, we want to see it!
Halloween decorationsTake a picture of your home all decked out for Halloween and we’ll display it on ChicagolandRealEstateForum.com.
Please include your name (first names only) and your city and e-mail your picture to [email protected].
Then tell all your friends. You’ll be famous! Or infamous, depending on the extent of your gory decor.
Not ready for Halloween yet?
Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to fun it up for October 31:
*Replace your regular porch light with a black light bulb or the ones inside with red or orange bulbs. Open the shades, turn on the lights and your home will glow.
*Tape a fake spider to your doorbell. Or, put your hand in washable red paint and create a big bloody hand print near the front door. Scary!
*Create your own tombstones out of cardboard. Paint them gray and write in black. Get creative on your epitaphs like, “This space for rent” or “Ben Better.”
*Cut Halloween symbols out of construction paper and place them in your window. When it gets dark out, the light from inside your home will display your bats, witches, goblins and skeletons.
*Cut bats out of cardboard then hang them with string.
Halloween decorations*Cut out a life-size figure like a mummy, ghost, vampire, Freddie or Jason, tape it to an upstairs window then shine a light on it. It will cast a scary silhouette outside.
*Take a lollipop, cover it with a kleenex or paper towel, tie a string at the top of the stick and you have a ghost! Draw a face and hang it from your trees.
*Use old costumes and masks to create life-size monsters by stuffing old clothes with newspaper. Put the mask over a balloon or use a pumpkin for the head and throw some boots at the bottom.
*Stretch out cotton balls to make spooky spider webs. Hang them on the door, the mailbox, shrubbery or in your house.
*Need to rake your yard? Put the leaves inside giant orange garbage bags, available at most hardware stores around this time, and you have an instant giant pumpkin. Fill a black bag, add a witch’s hat to the top and wallah!
*Want your pumpkin to last? Don’t carve it, paint it with acrylic paint. It will last long enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with you.
*If you carve it, don’t throw the seeds away. Wash them off, put them on a cookie sheet covered in some salt, bake at around 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until toasty. Delicious and nutritious!
Now stop eating that Halloween candy and start decorating. We’ll run the best photos next Halloween weekend!