Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2015

One of the most frequently visited places in the home is the bathroom and having to look at the same thing every day can get tedious. Whether you own an older Chicago home or new construction, the bathroom can benefit from a little facelift, but where to start?

Not to worry! In order to make a bathroom makeover a little easier, here are the top five bathroom trends for 2015!

  1. Bathtub Break-up
    Some homeowners are opting out of a bathtub in their master bathroom in favor of a nice walk-in shower with all of the works. However, the resale value on a home can go down if the bathroom does not have a bathtub. You can have your cake and eat it too by adding a freestanding bathtub to your luxurious master bathroom. Opt for a newer style such as a claw foot, or contemporary basin style, rather than whirlpools or fiberglass. This can increase your resale value and give your bathroom a more luxurious modern look and feel.
  2. Tile Scramble
    Most bathrooms contain square tiles. Change it up a little! Try staggering rectangular tiles on the bathroom floor (12-inch by 24-inch to be exact). Or, mix it up with geometric patterns and different textures. Another tile fix includes adding pebble tile to shower floor and walls to give it a more elegant look while remaining affordable. Just remember to get creative!
  3. Shower Freely
    Most homes have showers with doors or a shower and tub combination with a shower curtain. But why? Shower without borders! More than 60 percent of consumers wanted frameless showers or showers with no doors or walls that it is open to the whole bathroom in 2014. That rose eight percent from 2013, and it is expected to drastically rise through the end of 2015. Free yourself!
  4. Float your look!
    Floating vanities are huge right now, especially if they are made out of wood. Having a floating vanity gives the bathroom a modern sleeker look. It allows homeowners to change things up and adds to the aesthetic of a bathroom. Also, having a vanity in wood also brings new light to the bathrooms most bathrooms are accented with quartz or marble. Wood is unexpected and can even give a more rugged modern look.
  5. Bronze vs Chrome
    Bronze was a popular choice for fixtures in bathrooms for quite some time, however polished chrome is the preferred choice now for bathroom accents. Having polished chrome fixtures gives a bathroom the modern, spa-style look that is in right now. Bronze reads vintage. It all depends on what you are going for!

These are just a few trends can be used in your current Chicago home to provide a new and fresh look. For those in the market for Chicago real estate, these tips can help accent your brand new space.

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