Tis the Season to Get Your Chicago Vehicle Sticker

If you are a Chicago resident, it’s that time of year to get your new city vehicle sticker. And, thanks to some defective ones, you’ll have two extra weeks to do it.
Chicago motorists had until July 15 to buy and display their 2010-2011 annual vehicle sticker, but due to a batch of stickers that lacked sufficient adhesive, that date has been extended to July 30.
If you received one of the stickers that won’t stick, you can get a free replacement by calling (312) 742-9200 or by e-mailing [email protected]
You can also exchange your defective sticker for a new one at a clerk’s office located at:
*City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle, Room 107
*Southwest Satellite Office, 5674 S. Archer Ave.
*Northwest Satellite Office, 5430 W. Gale St.
If you have yet to purchase your sticker, make sure you bring a valid driver’s license and your vehicle license number when you go to do it. You can buy your sticker online at www.ChiCityClerk.com, but keep in mind that it could take more than two weeks to receive it through the mail.
*Vehicle stickers cost $75.
*Larger passenger vehicle stickers are $120.
*Seniors age 65 and older can get a sticker for $30.
*Annual residential zone parking is $25.
*Residential zone daily guest passes are $8 for 15 passes.
Might as well meet this July 30th deadline: Any stickers purchased after July 31 will include a $40 late fee, and police will start ticketing motorists for missing stickers starting August 1.