Think it's Unusual to Fly Solo When Homebuying? Think Again!

Solo Chicago real estate buyerSometimes while researching topics on real estate in Chicago, we come across some interesting articles, trends and facts. Here is one we had to share. One of Chicago’s respected agents, Dick Greenwood, has put together a list of facts he finds interesting when it comes to going solo – and living alone isn’t as rare as you think.
Here are Dick’s 12 facts about homebuyers looking to go it alone:

  1. The Urban Land Institute cites that single person households are the fastest growing type of household.
  2. Twenty-eight percent of all households in America consist of one person.
  3. Fifty percent of all homes in Manhattan, New York have a single person living alone.
  4. In 2012, 49 percent of all households in America were married couples.
  5. Middle-aged women have become the fastest growing group of single female homeowners, according to new research by Redfin. There’s been a 120 percent rise in the number of 45- to 54-year-old single female homeowners from 1982 to 2012.
  6. Single females have outnumbered single male buyers of real estate since 1982 when the census began collecting data.
  7. Single women accounted for 20 percent of all home sales last year.
  8. In 2012, there was a big chunk of the population ready to buy single: 34 percent of adult males never married and 28 percent of adult females never married.
  9. As far as what they want: single women look for a home they love while single men prioritize a good value.
  10. Single women are less likely than single men to be buying a home for investment purposes.
  11. Only 13 percent of single women were interested in buying a short sale versus 30 percent of single men.
  12. Facing rising prices, single women said they would be more likely than men to step back or to do whatever it takes to secure the home; single men said they are more likely to stay disciplined.

Are these facts surprising to you? Have you heard any amazing real estate related facts that you have to share? Let us know in the comments!
Guest post written by Dick Greenwood, director of builder marketing at Coldwell Banker.