Tax Deadline's Approaching: Need Help?

Have you done your taxes yet?
tax formsYou know, the deadline is in a mere week. But don’t panic. There are resources available to help you.
Bankrate has a 2011 Tax Guide that includes the tools you need to get the job done.
The guide includes advice on:
*Tax filing and refunds: There is information on free filing, e-filing, documentation and refunds.
*Real estate tax: Know what to expect from your biggest investment and how to lower your tax bill
*Estate tax: Get acclimated on the changes to the estate tax law and the new gift tax provisions
*Tax rates and deductions: Receive guidance from your income tax bracket on claiming deductions for donations
*Investments: Learn how to use your capital losses to cut taxes
*State taxes: Check out the state tax map to find out Illinois’ state tax rate
Bankrate has most of the tax forms that you will need as well as 12 calculators to help make your tax prep easier.
“The tax filing process can be a daunting one for many Americans,” said Julie Bandy, editor in chief at “’s annual Tax Guide tackles this complicated topic in a simple, easy-to-understand and direct manner.
“It’s a one-stop spot for all your tax questions. We offer consumers the tools and information they need to make filing taxes less complicated while making sure they are getting all the benefits they can.”
For more information, check out also has all the resources you need.
Get it done today. The deadine for filing federal income taxes is Monday, April 18.