Start 2014 with Resolutions for Your Illinois Home

chicago real estate ranch homesJanuary is a time of making resolutions, but this year consider resolutions for your Illinois home. There are plenty of ways to improve your home over the next 12 months. Some take just a few minutes, and others will be a journey over the entire year.
Here are five resolutions for your home in 2014:

  • Ensure you’re insured. January is a good time to check your homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you have the right coverage, especially if you’ve made any changes to your property.
  • Fix ‘er up. Homes have regular needs, whether they are repairs or just maintenance. For example, many of our McHenry homes at Liberty Trails feature wood burning fireplaces. Did you know that those should be inspected annually?  Make a plan for the year of items that need to be repaired or inspected and consider when they should be done.
  • Get ready for the cold. Winter is here! In Poplar Grove, Williams Bay, McHenry, and Richmond the temperatures can dip below zero. Just like you have to prepare for the cold, so does your home. Here are a few tips for winterizing your home.
  • Consider an extra payment.  Paying a little extra on your mortgage can mean big savings in the future. An extra payment a year can knock five years off a mortgage and save thousands of dollars.
  • Look to the future. Put pen to paper and think about any updates you’d like to be doing in your home. New countertops, bathroom renovations or newcarpets might be on your wish list. Now, stop wishing and start making calls to turn your dream home into a reality.

The great thing about resolutions for your home is you don’t have to cut out carbs or start exercising more. They can be fun, make you feel better about your house and increase your property value. Grab some paper and pencil and start planning a great 2014!
If your personal New Year’s resolution is to purchase a new home in McHenry, Poplar Grove, Richmond or Williams Bay, visit the Gerstad Builders website today!