Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Money

You’re spring cleaning, good for you. We know your to-do list seems long enough already, but here are a few more chores to crank out. The good news: Besides a cleaner home, these steps could have you save money on your electric bills.
“Saving energy doesn’t have to be a complicated task,” said Sandra Henry, a ComEd Energy Doctor. “It can be as easy as turning your ordinary spring cleaning into an energy-saving event.”
To spring clean your way to energy savings, ComEd offers these tips:

Make your first energy-saving cleaning stop at the energy-sucking refrigerator.

*Refrigerator: The always-on fridge is one of the largest consumers of energy in your home and is responsible for about 8 percent of an average electric bill. An easy way to help a fridge run more efficiently is to clean the outside coils twice a year.
*Fans: Make sure all the ceiling fans in your home are working properly and dust-free. If you rotated them for winter, be sure to redirect them so they are circulate counterclockwise for the summer. That will push the air down, which provides a cooling effect.

*Windows: Replace storm windows with screens to allow fresh air to circulate. This will also reduce the need to use the thermostat during moderate temperatures.
*Leaks: Gaps and cracks allow air to leak in and out of a home, causing a loss of energy and money. By installing weatherstripping, caulking windows, installing or repairing doorway seals and adding insulation can keep your home efficiently cooled by air conditioning on the hottest days of summer and well heated next winter.
Speaking of hot summers, the last one was one of the hottest in decades, and ComEd residential customers used 50 percent more energy to cool their homes in July 2010 than in July 2009.
What will July 2011 be like? Prepare, and you won’t care!
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For more energy-saving tips for your home, visit ComEd.com.