Snazzy Up the Bathroom

All white bathroom with stand alone bathtub
Perfectly Decorated White Bathroom

What are the two rooms that prospective buyers of your Chicago home have the most interested in? If you are thinking the obvious, like the two rooms they will probably spend the most time; the den and the bedroom you would be wrong. As it turns out, the kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms of the house to win over potential owners. In this two part series, I am going to give you the best ways to create a buyers kitchen and bathroom.
Let’s start with the bathroom.
Potential buyers can’t help but love the look of a beautiful bathroom. For some, they want a bathroom that resembles a luxurious hotel or spa. Now we all know that isn’t always realistic. Remember, buyers want to picture themselves enjoying this beautiful space in their new home. Let’s be honest, not all of us have this perfect bathroom! If you are considering renovating, that can be costly and not always profitable. The best strategy is to take what you already have, make changes and stay on a budget.
Here are some easy steps that you can do to create a bathroom that will leave a lasting impression and can hopefully turn a prospect to a buyer.
Do a thorough cleaning:  A potential buyer loves when something looks new so your goal is to create a new feel in the bathroom. Start by cleaning everything to the last inch. This might not be the most exciting project but it is one of the most important ones. By making your bathroom look immaculate, it gives potential buyers the impression that your home is well maintained.
Put away cleaning products: After you have completed the task of cleaning, make sure to put all the supplies away. Do not leave out any items that give the impression of housework such as; sponges, spare toilet paper rolls, toilet brushes, garbage cans and actual cleaning products. Yes these items are part of keeping a room clean however, you want to create a positive lasting impression.  Another tip; put away the bathroom scale!
Clear off your counters: This is a very simple but important task. Make sure to remove the items you use on an everyday basis. Such as; toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, soaps and any other bathroom items that you might keep out on your counter. This also includes that items that are visible in your shower. It is important to remember that potential buyers don’t want to see what your personal hygiene habits are and what products you buy. By leaving all that out in the open, buyers feel like they are intruding on your personal space and that could leave a negative impression.
Increase your storage: All potential buyers are looking to see how much space the bathroom has to offer. They will be opening up the cabinets, drawers and cupboards. In order to give them a basic understanding of how much storage is available, only fill them about half to two-thirds full.  Make sure they are organized! Place items in pretty boxes or a small plastic tub with a lid. If there is no more space to store your items, place the extra in a wicker basket and leave this out so you can use the items. When a potential buyer is coming to see your home, all you need to do is store the basket someplace else.
Make some minor renovations: Take an inventory of the things in your bathroom that need improvement. If they are relatively minor then go ahead and fix them, especially if they are visible to buyers. It isn’t worth spending thousands to completely fix the bathroom; instead it is wise to make the small renovations only where they show. It isn’t always true that doing a complete renovation will make your home sell at a higher price. Here are some upgrades that are lower in price to do but can still make a great impact; updating towel bars, updating the cabinet hardware, repainting the walls, installing new light fixtures and replacing worn and leaking taps. Remember, if you are going to repaint or purchase new cabinets stick with neutral colors as this creates more appeal to buyers.
Place luxurious towels: By adding soft white towels on the racks on a couple on the counters, if there is space, can easily transform your bathroom to have a fresh look. It is best to purchase brand new white towels and only put them out when you have an open house scheduled or a potential buyer coming. This will give the towels a new look each time as opposed to looking worn and used. If you have repainted or your new cabinets are neutral in color, think about buying some bold colored towels to add in some fresh color.
Accessorize: Now that the clutter has been removed, items updated, it is time to place a few well-chosen accessories. Think simple but still be able to create a warm and elegant feeling. Start by purchasing a small wooden tray that you can place items in. Purchase odd numbers of fragrant soaps, candles and/or bath oils. Group the items together on the tray instead of scattering them around the bathroom. If you are purchasing candles, make sure they vary in height.
Now you have completed fixing up one of the main rooms that buyers gravitate towards. Remember, by keeping it simple you can create a luxurious spa like feel to your bathroom that can leave a positive lasting impression on a potential buyer.
Be on the lookout for the next blog post which will be about preparing your kitchen when placing your Chicago market.
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