Six More Weeks of Winter, So Use Your Time Wisely

Packing boxesFebruary 2nd is a big day for weather watchers. Hundreds of people gather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to witness the emergence of Punxsutawney Phil. Yesterday’s prediction by Phil does not make many Chicagoans happy, as residents all across the city are digging out from one of the most historical blizzards on record. At yesterday’s Groundhog Day event, Phil saw his shadow, forecasting six more weeks of winter.
Typically, the spring housing market begins right after the Super Bowl. However, Chicago will have to deal with more winter weather before the spring market arrives. For people looking to put their Chicago home up for sale at the start of the spring market, don’t let the six more weeks of winter deter you. There is still plenty of work that can be done inside your home to get it ready.
One of the first tasks will make the chore of packing much easier. Even though you may not be moving into your new Chicago home until spring or summer, it is never too early to start organizing. Sorting through closets, the basement and garage will help you determine what to keep, sell or give away. Once you begin packing items you won’t need until the move, look for a rental storage facility in your area if you have an abundance of packed boxes taking up space in your home. When it is time to start showing your home, having many of your personal items packed and stored elsewhere will make your home look more spacious to potential buyers.
Second, clear away the clutter that is dispersed throughout your home. Go visit local model homes to get ideas on what to put away and what to keep out. There is no need to have unread magazines out on the coffee table or menus up on the refrigerator. Think back to when you first purchased your new home. You imagined yourself living in that house, and you want to ensure buyers will get that same feeling as they tour your home.
Home improvements are third on the list of things you can do now to prepare your home for the spring market. This does not mean that you need to do a complete overhaul or major renovations. However, doing any kind of minor improvement can give your home a clean updated look.  Go through each room and look to see what can be replaced, updated or fixed inexpensively. Updating fixtures, changing light switches and replacing the grout in the bathrooms are a few improvement ideas.
Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start getting your home ready for the upcoming spring real estate market. Taking advantage of the cold, wintery days to prepare your home now means you will be ready when warmer weather arrives and that For Sale sign goes up on the front lawn.