Simple Steps Can Save Your Home Money

According to Illinois’ leading nonprofit utility watchdog, ComEd customers could be overpaying their power bills by $189 million a year.
On top of that, the group says that simple actions by Illinois homeowners could cut our electricity use and spark each of us savings in the triple digits.
According to the new report by the Citizen Utility Board (CUB) called “Making Every Kilowatt Count,” simple inefficiencies in our homes amount to a massive “hidden tax” on ComEd bills.
In fact, the report says that taking energy-efficient steps could overcome even the $155.7 million rate hike ComEd was granted last month.
The CUB Energy Saver offers hundreds of actions families of all incomes can do to slash their electric and natural gas bills.
Some of those actions and how much they can save you include:
*Replace home lights with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs: $54 a year
*Use blinds on summer days: $19 a year
*Wash larger loads of dishes: $35 a year
*Turn off coffee maker after brewing: $29 a year
*Use “smart strips” for plugs: $26 a year
“CUB’s report shows that we’re getting clobbered by kilowatt-hours we don’t need — to the tune of nearly $200 million a year. But we can change that,” CUB Executive Director David Kolata said. “CUB Energy Saver proves that energy efficiency doesn’t mean living in the dark. It means wasting less electricity at home to gain more spending power in the community.”
According to CUB, the Energy Saver can show participants how to:
*Reduce annual electricity usage by an average of 5.5 percent, or 412 kWh a year, for an average savings of $55 a year on electric bills. Expanding that figure to ComEd’s 3.4 million residential customers means a potential savings of $189 million a year.
*Cut a total of 2.3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) and $308,899 from their electric bills.
*Save an additional $275,201 on their natural gas bills. Expanding that figure to ComEd’s entire customer base means added potential savings of $166 million. Combined with electricity savings, ComEd’s 3.4 million residential customers could save potentially $353.6 million a year on energy bills.
*Save a combined total of $584,100, or $104 per person, on electric and natural gas bills.
“CUB Energy Saver is filled with free or low-cost money-saving actions that show you don’t have to spend money to save money,” Kolata said.
Plus, now through the end of June, when you sign up for the free money-saving service at, you will be entered in drawings to win a free summer of electricity. One in every 20 new CUB Energy Saver members will win free electricity from June through August, up to $500.
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