Seven Steps to a Successful First Year of Chicago Home Ownership

Tips for Chicago homeownersFrom the euphoria of owning your own place to anxiety over just how much maintenance will your new home will need, becoming a first-time homeowner in Chicago brings out a range of emotions. Luckily, BrightNest has compiled a list of the top seven things to do in your first year of home ownership.

  1. Form Habits: Detecting problems early can be the difference between a quick fix and a financial nightmare. Make sure that you are inspecting your home early and often for any potential problems.
  2. Prepare: Things will break. From your hot water heater or dishwasher to a window or door, everything is susceptible to breaking. Make sure you’re prepared to replace these items when the time comes by setting aside money just for these unexpected problems.
  3. Keep Records: Every repair or improvement you make around the home increases its resale value. Have your hard work pay off by keeping a record of what you’ve done from day one.
  4. Get Credit: Making energy-efficient improvements to your home is just one of the many ways you can benefit from tax credits related to owning a new home.
  5. Insure: Your home will be the biggest purchase of your lifetime, so make sure you protect it with the proper insurance.
  6. Getting to Know You: Just like a car or television, appliances have a life expectancy. Make it a point to figure out how old the appliances in your home are, so that you can plan ahead for replacing them.
  7. Filter: Save yourself money and keep your air fresh by replacing your furnace filter regularly. To make remembering to do this chore easier, go ahead and buy filters in bulk, so that you aren’t rushing to the store every few months.

These seven steps are just the start to everything that goes into Chicago new home ownership, for more important tasks to tackle, check out the BrightNest New Homeowner Guide.