Score the Winning Touchdown: Follow These Amazing Party Tips

Bowl of chips, salsa, football and helmet set up on a field table cloth

Bowl of chips, salsa, football and helmet set up on a football field table cloth.

You’ve marked your calendar for the Big Game on February 7th to watch the Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers. You just moved into your new Chicago neighborhood and you want everything to go smoothly when friends and neighbors come over to watch the game. There are some easy party tips that will ensure your party is a huge success.
Decorations can range from simple to extravagant when it comes to a football theme. If you are creative and like DIY projects, Pinterest is the best place to start.

  • DIY Drink Tags – if you are using plastic cups to serve guests their drinks, put away the sharpie and create your personalized tags with their names. Having tags ready by the drink station makes it easy for guests to pour a drink and grab their tag at the same time. One easy idea if you are using plastic cups is to take some small pieces of rope, colored paper that matches the teams playing, glue, and a hole punch. Cut out one large circle and one slightly smaller circle, glue the smaller one on top and write the person’s name on it. Take a hole punch and place a hole at the top of the cup and through the paper circle. Then put the string or rope through the holes and tie. Super easy and super cute!
  • Other ways to decorate your home are to use football themed plates, napkins and table clothes. Many party or grocery stores will have a huge selection. While you are there, make sure to check out other decoration ideas such as football pennants, colored, themed plastic silverware, and serving bowls.

The next item to check off your to do list is the menu. Whether you are serving appetizers or a full meal, there are multiple options.
Dips are a fan favorite. Deli counters at the grocery store offer many premade dips you can purchase if you don’t have time to make your own. Here are some great homemade appetizer ideas:

  • One popular dip is Velveeta® Salsa Dip. This is a quick and tasty recipe that must be made right before guests arrive and served hot. Cut a 16oz package of Velveeta® into cubes and mix with any brand of salsa. Mix the two ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 5 minutes on high. Stir every 3 minutes and cook until completely melted. Place in a crockpot to keep warm. Add your personal touch to the dip by adding chorizo, ground beef, or jalapenos. Don’t forget the tortilla chips to serve with this dip!
  • Another good appetizer to serve is deviled eggs. This fan favorite is super easy and can be made the day before.
  • A staple at any football themed party is chicken wings! You can find a variety of recipes on Pinterest.

Start setting up for your guests on the morning of the Big Game. Entertaining is a breeze with today’s new homes and their spacious, open floor plans. Make sure to rearrange your furniture so all your guests can have the best view of the game, while creating an ideal flow between the food and beverage stations. Newly built homes are focusing on an open kitchen concept. Make sure to take advantage of this feature so there is plenty of room for guests to mingle near the kitchen island while they munch on appetizers and watch the game from in the distance or from an additional TV placed in the kitchen.
These simple tips are sure to make your Game Day party in your new Chicago home a blast for all in attendance!
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