Save on Energy Bills for Your Chicago Home

save on energy billsThe early winter storms are bringing out the grinch in parents who are trying to balance the heating costs on their Chicago homes at the same time the kids say they’re freezing. Beyond telling them to add layers and put on some slippers already, what’s a parent to do?
Equifax Personal Finance Blog offers solutions in the article, “
Cut Your Energy Bills Without Cutting Comfort.”  Written by real estate expert Ilyce Glink – a Chicago native who knows a thing or two about winter weather – the article gives a range of tips for saving money and increasing comfort by keeping the heat inside your home.
Her least expensive piece of advice is also the easiest – close the flue when there’s no fire in the fireplace. This will keep heat from escaping through the chimney. Another inexpensive option? Invest in caulk and weather stripping and use them around windows and doors to keep warm air in and cold air outside where it belongs.
You’ll want to visit the
Equifax Personal Finance Blog for all of her ideas, but be on the lookout. The options that may seem to be the most difficult and expensive – such as having insulation blown into your walls – can also increase your home’s energy efficiency and your savings drastically. And while you’re at Equifax, you’ll want to peruse another article that tells you how these same improvements can
cut your tax bill.  Now that’s a thought that will warm your heart!