Save Money and the Planet by Going Green

Save Money by Embracing the EnvironmentGoing green by remodeling is still a great way to reduce your energy consumption and
save money
. With green projects, you can spend a little or a lot and see savings almost immediately, so they’re a popular option for both home sellers and those just looking to improve their current home. The Equifax Finance Blog tells all about ways to go green in the new article, “
Green Real Estate Market Trends
The simplest, and often least expensive option for going green is weatherizing. This process updates all of the seals in your home, from adding insulation in your attic to sealing any cracks with caulk. Doing so will make sure your air conditioning and heating systems aren’t losing power due to inefficiency and working harder than they have to. This cuts on your electric and gas bills in addition to making you even more comfortable inside your home.
If you aren’t sure where to start, you can have an energy audit performed. This test, which costs around $400, will find places in your home with any leaks and cracks and shows you the best ways to seal them. It’s a valuable service if you’re not sure where to start.
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