Runway To Color Palette: Unexpected Gray

I have to say that my favorite neutral color is gray. Gray goes with just about everything. It modernizes clothing and spaces almost instantly. Below Zoe Saldana is wearing an ensemble complete of different gray tones. She looks fabulous! This same approach can be made in your home. Filling a space with different tones of gray’s can create a modern, fresh and surprisingly inviting space. Start with a light, airy gray and just build upon it. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Sofa 2. Pillow 3. Basket 4. Coffee Table 5. Rug 6. Pillow For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.
Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Use Reflection on your walls to create a soothing light backdrop.
Color Inspiration: Scarf and Skirt.
Online is the perfect cool gray to use in upholstery pieces and other accessories.
To create a dark, moody accent wall, use Rock Bottom. Also looks great in furniture pieces.
Bonus: Whites, blacks and accent colors all look great mixed with gray.
Outfit Photo via Fashion Trends. Paint via Sherwin Williams.
Below is a refreshing gray space. Do you decorate using gray?

Image: Planete Deco