RentSocial App Offers Helpful Features for Chicago Renters

rent social helps chicago real estate rentersOver the weekend, we reported on some helpful real estate apps for prospective homebuyers. Renters who are interested in Cook county real estate may want to check out a new mobile app by RentSocial.
Not only does RentSocial offer apartment listings, several other features make it a great resource for renters.
RentSocial allows users to compare up to three apartments at a time in terms of location, cost and other factors. The app can also store contact numbers for rental properties and make them available for easy access.
Users will also have access to a variety of reviews and can also use a high-tech map function to find rental units in their neighborhood. The ‘social’ aspect of RentSocial comes from the fact that users of the app can add and request friends, similar to Facebook. You can then share photos and stories about neighborhoods and rental properties with your friends.
The RentSocial app is free, and you can also use the standard Web version.
Do you use any rental apps?