Reduce Your Remodeling Costs

remodeling tips for chicago new homesYesterday, we featured a post on some of the home renovation trends that are up and coming in 2013. Attic bedrooms, kitchens and master bathrooms all make for great and profitable renovation projects.
But, when it comes to renovation in addition to knowing what rooms to remodel, it is also important to save money on renovation costs as well.
Here are some great tips:

  • Focus on efficiency before adding square feet. It may be tempting to start tearing down walls, but make sure to make the most of your current space by adding unique design solutions or changing other parts of the room (such as lighting or paint color) in order to make a room feel larger.
  • Make a clear remodeling plan, and don’t try to take on too much at once.
    There’s nothing wrong with just focusing on one project a year. The main reason for structuring and planning projects is to lessen the chance that you may have to backtrack and move plumbing or tear out a new ceiling.
  • Choose the right time to remodel. Summer is the most expensive time for remodeling, so if you’re looking to renovate, winter can be a great time. In addition to summer, the time in between September and Christmas can also be peak renovation time. If you start your remodeling in early 2013, you could save up to four or five percent on costs.
  • Be aware of hidden costs, especially lighting. One major factor to take into consideration when remodeling is the cost of lighting. Recessed lighting can sometimes be more expensive to install than other types of lighting, so it is important to make sure you consider what cost-effective options are best for your home.

Do you have any money saving remodeling tips to share?