'Recycled' New Home, Green Remodeling Material In Chicago

Salvaged Douglas Fir Hardwood

Salvaged Douglas Fir Hardwood Flooring

Skeptic of how ‘green’ new construction or remodeling projects can really be?  What if you could finish your basement with recycled trim, doors, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures, would you do it?  Want to remodel and replace your carpeted main floor and install recycled hardwood floors?  Would anyone want to do this and is this all possible?  Of course it’s possible and The Delta Institute’s ReBuilding Exchange located on the Southside of  Chicago can help.
In last decade, thousands upon thousands of existing homes were demolished in Chicago alone.  So what happened to that debris from all those tear-downs?  Not a difficult question but, yes, almost all of that debris found its way to a landfill in Somewhere, USA.  Out of sight, out of mind right?  The ReBuiding Exchange is trying to change at least some of that unfortunate waste with their ‘deconstruction’ program.  This non-profit, green building initiative carefully disassembles homes that were once bull-dozed, piece by piece and collects salvageable items in it’s Brighton Park warehouse on West 47th Street.
Delta Institute partnered with The ReUse People of America, a California-based (of course) organization dedicated in providing an ‘ongoing source of used building materials’.  Using a set of guidelines for material type and condition, the ReBuilding Exchange will accept tax-deductible building material donations from anyone and pick it up for free!  The deconstruction service (the labor portion of the services offered) by the ReBuilding Exchange also provides job training and placement service opportunities to people seeking to re-enter society with criminal pasts.
Check out the blog showing some of the creativity of some customers who bought some of these reused materials in their own homes or studios.  I certainly would give this program a shot if I was looking to install hardwood floor with some ‘pre-walked’ stuff especially if you going for the old warehouse-loft look!  (love that Douglas Fir floor above) Here is another link to the collective website of nation-wide material recycling warehouses: www.cmdepot.com Enjoy!