Realtor Shopping: Dos and Don’ts

How to choose a RealtorSelling your real estate in Chicago can be made or broken by your choice of Realtor®. The ideal Realtor is passionate in their career, and has a large breadth of knowledge on your specific area. However, what other factors are important to ensure you find a Realtor who is right for you?
Background. It is important to know how long a realtor has been working in Chicago real estate. Find an agent who has frequented listings in your building or community and knows the values of your area well. Just because an agent is well-known or has the most experience does not mean they are the best choice. Newer Realtors have current training and are eager to gain experience and success in the field.
Distinction. You want your Realtor to be a person who stands out from the rest- they should be polished and have sales “game.” Stay tuned to details about their marketing and sales plan, which they should have prepared for you. Don’t forget to get their promises in writing!
Communication. Ask them how they prefer to communicate.: texts, calls, emails, etc. We all have our preferences, so you want to make sure your Realtor fits in!
Price. This is a question that should not be asked first, it is generally seen as low-value and distasteful. If you believe their commission is too high, negotiate! Also, consider cancellation fees.
Ask for a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA). The detail of their CMA will give you insight into their knowledge of your area.
List-to-sold-price ratio. The higher the percentage, the better!
Expectations. Find out what they expect from you as a client.
Ask for the contact information of their last three clients. This will help you judge if the Realtor will be a good fit.
If you follow these parameters, your search for the perfect Realtor will be made easier, leading to faster results for you and your family.