Property Tax Bills Coming Soon to a Cook County Mailbox Near You

Cook County property tax bills are going out this week without the big increase that Chicago homeowners had feared.
I remember when the announcement came out that Chicago real estate property tax bills were going to be sent out late this year.
Tax calculatorThere were whispers that officials delayed sending the bills so voters wouldn’t be as angry going to the polls on November 2.
I’m happy to report that those Cook County property tax bills, which will start going out on Wednesday, will not be going up dramatically in the city, and will actually rise less than .4 percent for the average homeowner.
Suburban Chicago homeowners didn’t get off as easy, however; average homeowners in Cook County suburbs can expect to see a 2.5 percent increase on their property tax bills.
While the bills are supposed to be mailed by August 1, they are usually late, though never this late. Last year they were sent on October 28. Payments this year will be due by December 13. Merry Christmas.
The next round of tax bills would be scheduled to be mailed out a mere seven weeks after that December 13 due date, but Cook County officials say they won’t hit the mailboxes until April 1, 2011.
When you get your Cook County property tax bill, you can pay it at any Chase Bank location, by mail or online. Then you can start saving for April.