Portable Fireplaces are a Great Way to Warm up a Chicago New Home

portable fireplaces for chicago new homesWant to add some warmth to your home for a staging or for a chilly fall night but don’t have a full fireplace? Portable fireplaces are a trendy solution for your Chicago new home.
Check out some of these options.
The Loft Portable Indoor Outdoor Gel Fuel Fireplace from Sears, priced at $229.00
Floating glass panels make this an elegant choice for any room in your house. You can use either gel fuel or pillar candles for warmth, and a snuffer cover can prevent the fireplace from overheating
The Nu-Flame Bio Fireplace from Woodland Direct.com, from Woodland Direct, priced at $199
The small size of this fireplace means it can work with any piece of furniture, from a desk to a kitchen table. This fireplace also uses environmentally friendly ethanol fuel, so there is no smoke, ash or dust to worry about!
Real Flame Sierra Fireplace, from HomeDepot, priced at $299
The hand painted finish on this portable fireplace makes it perfect for a more elegant part of the house, such as a living room or dining room. A convenient slide-out drawer can also hold fuel.
Will you be using or purchasing any portable fireplaces this season?