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TREND: Baskets
I don’t know about you, but I love baskets. I’m pretty certain that there is least one basket in every room of my house. Not only are baskets pretty, but they also serve as great functional pieces for the home. With their popularity increasing, you can find any type of basket to suit your needs. From traditional to modern, neutral to colorful, dipped-died to hand-painted, there are plenty of options to match your space and desired functionality.
Speaking of  functionality, I love the way baskets were used in the home office pictured below. Filled with craft supplies, papers, and other unsightly collections, the baskets are both useful and beautiful accessories. These highly textured baskets also add so much texture and movement to the space. Varying textures is key when decorating and baskets are a great way to incorporate tactile and visual interest. Plus, who doesn’t love to be able to stash away clutter when company is coming. I’m guilty!

I searched the BHG Shop and found some amazing baskets. As you can see, the options are really endless.

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What other fun ideas do you have for using baskets in your home?
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm