Own a Piece of Chicago Real Estate History

When Marshall Field’s was taken over by Macy’s, I saved as many classic green Field’s bags that I could find. I’m nostalgic that way.
If you feel a connection to the Marshall Field’s department store in Park Forest, you’ll have a chance to collect something with a little more weight to it.

Marshall Fields green bag

Think this will be worth something someday?

The Park Forest Historical Society is selling bricks from the Marshall Field’s store that opened in 1955 and closed in 1997.
The building has since been vacant, and the village has decided it is too expensive to maintain an empty building, so demolition began last month.
The bricks will be sold for $15 apiece or two for $25, and the proceeds will go to society projects and toward the 1950s Park Forest House Museum, where the bricks are being held.
Each brick will come with a certificate of authenticity and a brief history of the store.
While you are getting your brick, check out the society’s exhibit, “Step Back into a 1950’s Christmas.” Tickets are $3 or free with the purchase of a brick.
What: Marshall Field’s brick sale
When: Saturday, December 11 and 18; 1 to 3 p.m.
Where: The 1950’s Park Forest House Museum, 141 Park Forest Blvd., Park Forest
More: For more information or to reserve a brick, e-mail the historical society’s president, Michael Gans at [email protected]