Our State Recognized for Its Green Initiatives

Illinois is a lean, green power purchasing machine!
We’re such great green power purchasers that our state has received the 2010 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
EPA logoIn fact, there were 10 Green Power Purchasing awards presented this year, and three of them involved our state.
The awards recognize the leading green power purchasers across the country for their help in furthering the development of the nation’s voluntary green power market.
“This award reaffirms Illinois’ commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, and our efforts to support the development of renewable energy sources,” said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. “In Illinois, we will continue to make purchasing green power a priority.”
The Top 10 Green Power Purchasers for 2010:
*State of Illinois: Our green power purchase of 176 million kilowatt-hours is the same as preventing the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of more than 15,000 homes annually or taking 24,000 cars off the road. Illinois’ green power products meet more than one-third of the state’s electricity use.
*Chicago Public Schools: This past year the Board of Education for the City of Chicago significantly increased its green power use, putting it No. 1 on the EPA’s Top 20 K-12 Schools list. The Board purchases more than 107 million kWh of green power a year, which represents 20 percent of its total electricity use. It also produces solar power on site at more than 16 schools, totaling over 165,000 kWh annually.
*Harris Bank: Chicago-based Harris Bank has purchased 100 percent green power and more than 91 million kWh of wind-derived renewable energy certificates (REC). The company has also reduced its overall energy use, achieved LEED certification for two buildings, sponsored Earth Day events annually and hosted an annual office supply exchange program.
*Indianapolis Zoo: The first zoo to join the Green Power Partnership, this 64-acre campus purchases enough green power to cover 100 percent of its electricity needs.
*BD: A global medical technology company that has increased its total green power commitment more than 200 percent over the past year.
*BNY Mellon: This global bank’s purchase of RECs and utility green power products supplies more than 75 percent of its electricity needs. That puts the company on the EPA’s Fortune 500 Partners List and the National Top 50 Purchasers List.
*Carnegie Mellon University: Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this school is a founding member of the Green Power Partnership and purchases enough green power to cover 75 percent of its electricity needs.
*Intel Corporation: The world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer has been the nation’s largest voluntary buyer of green power since January of 2008.
*Pearson: An international media company, this company’s U.S. operations now run on 100 percent green power.
*Port of Portland: This Oregon Port was the first port to participate in the Green Power Partnership and uses 75 million kWh of wind-derived RECs to cover its entire electricity needs.
The 10th Annual Green Power Leadership Awards were presented recently in Portland, Oregon during 2010 Renewable Energy Markets Conference.
“EPA congratulates our leadership award winners for demonstrating by example the importance of using clean, renewable energy,” said Gina McCarthy, EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation. “By using green power, the state of Illinois is leading the way toward cleaner air and a healthier environment while helping advance the market for renewable energy.”
Go Illinois! For more information on our state’s sustainability initiatives, visit www.Green.Illinois.gov.

Green Award recipients

The EPA Green Power Partners passed out 18 awards. Combined, these winners use more than five billion kilowatt-hours of green power per year, the same as the carbon dioxide emissions of more than 700,000 vehicles. To see all the winners, click the pic!