Organize With This: Autumn Inspired Storage

I know that some of you may already be thinking ahead to the holiday season, but I am just not ready to play that game yet.  The air is just starting to get crisp, the leaves have fallen and crunch underfoot and hot apple cider is constantly flowing.  There is something so magical about the current time of the year, and so much to appreciate and enjoy.  Simple pleasures include curling up in front of the fire with a cozy throw and a favorite book, or baking up a warm fall treat.

Often times, as the seasons shift, so does the interior of our home.  Just as I may add vibrant floral pillows to our sofa in the spring, I also love to add subtle fall textures and finishes during autumn and winter months.  Flannel blankets, faux fur pillows, scented candles and woven baskets all make an appearance within the walls of our home.

This year gold will continue to shine, however, copper will also strive to share the spotlight.  Additional autumn inspired finishes include flannel, felt and wool, worn leather, soft linen, raw wood, mercury glass and aged brass

Feeling inspired by the textures and finishes that we use to decorate our home this time of the year, I thought I would pull together my favorite autumn inspired storage solutions.

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