Organize This: The Kitchen Island!

TREND:  Going Bold in the Kitchen.

Bold kitchens are hot right now, in more ways than one!  Everything from graphic wallpaper to intricate tiles to bold center islands; it pays to get playful with kitchen design.  Not only do I crush on colorful center islands because of the instant drama they add, I also love the amount of functionality and storage they bring to the kitchen as well!
Add Open Storage:

Pairing both concealed and open storage within your center island offers up versatile solutions for organizing kitchen gadgets and cookware.  Open shelves keep everything within quick reach, while also offering area to display some of your daily favorites.  Pair beautiful baskets with table linens and utensils to allow for easy transportation to the nearby dinner table.
Maximize Concealed Storage:

A kitchen island instantly expands storage in various ways, however, a little extra creative planning will allow you to seek out clever solutions designed specifically for handling awkwardly shaped kitchen items.  Deep drawers are ideal for pots, pans and lids, pull out organizers can be retrofitted to hold trash and recycle bins and drawers can be designed to hold knife blocks and cutting boards.
Add a Nook for Books:

Keep your cookbooks away from spills and splatters by creating a decorative storage display area within your center island.  Not only will it extend the life of the books, but it will also provide beautiful visual interest in the kitchen.
Maximize the Surface Area:

The walls of your island are the perfect place to really expand the amount of storage your kitchen offers.  By adding a variety of hooks, towel bars, baskets and holders, you not only give yourself instant access to the items you use daily, you also free up valuable counter and drawer space as well!

To make the most of the counter surface, consider adding a second roll-out option which can come out to play during kitchen and baking prep yet tuck away during the high traffic times of the day.
Get Creative:

Even if your kitchen wasn’t designed with an island in mind, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find alternative solutions to add in the additional storage and surface area.  There are many wonderful off-the-shelf versions on the market, which can act as a stand-in solution.  You may also find that by simply adding casters to a piece of furniture, such as a cabinet, dresser or console table, that a DIY version just became a simple alternative using items you already have on hand or can find inexpensively at a thrift store.

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