Organize This: Outdoor Gear

Now that spring is in full swing, people are looking to make the most of their time outdoors.  That means grilling, outdoor parties, gardening and yard games galore.
How you opt to store your outdoor gear may depend on a few factors; such as climate and how you typically utilize your outdoor living areas.  It is always important to select storage options in finishes that can withstand sunlight and harsh temperatures to ensure you get the most out of your systems year after year.

Having a yard and or garden to maintain requires a variety of lawn gear and tools.  Shovels, leaf blowers, wheelbarrows, trimmers and edgers, rakes, shears, weeding hoes and even a lawn mower are just some of the common yard maintenance tools that require proper year round storage.  The ideal solution to accommodate those items is a covered shed which boasts walls lined with shelving and pegboard.  Shelving is optimal for over-sized bags of potting soil and mulch while pegs allow you to customize easy to access storage for smaller gadgets and tools.

A potting bench is a great alternative to a garden shed.  They offer a work surface for planting combined with shelves and hooks to store planters and tools.


Keep your hose tidy and off of the ground by installing a simple hook to a standard deck or fence post.  Other garden hose storage options include wall mounted reels and decorative hose pots.

The back patio or deck is a common location for outdoor grill-outs and gatherings.  Keeping the space comfortable with pillows and candles is wonderful during sunny days and dinners at dusk, however, to ensure those decorative items remain protected from the elements, storage benches and outdoor buffets are a perfect solution.  Storage ottomans are also an effortless way to organize outdoor lawn games and baskets of sandbox toys for the kids.

Another simple solution for children’s outdoor gear is to pair hooks with outdoor rubber tubs.  They hang on the wall in-between uses, yet are easy for little hands to tote around the yard.

When it comes to entertaining, be the hostess with the mostest by utilizing a free standing island with built in storage.  The opportunities are limitless with the option to add in waste bins, hooks for towels and grilling tools as well as shelves to hold table setting essentials.  Add in a few stools and you have storage below and table top dining above.

Garden cart by day, bar cart by night.  Select outdoor storage pieces that are versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks and activities.

One of my personal favorite outdoor storage solutions is to keep a portable caddy stocked with relaxation essentials.  I keep a few magazines, a water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray within a caddy that can be toted from the front porch to the back patio at a moment’s notice.

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