Organize This: Entryway!

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With the kids heading back to school, participating in after school activities and sports, and winter just around the corner, it is time to whip those new Chicago home entryways into shape.  Entryways could arguably be one of the heaviest traffic areas within the home; they hug you when you come in and they kiss you goodbye when you head out.  That means they leave a lasting impression on you (and your guests), each time you walk through the door.  Not only should they be aesthetically pleasing, more importantly, they have to function big.  Many homes are not designed with large mudrooms or dedicated entryway areas, so a little creative thinking goes a long way in the organizing and storage department.
Here are my top 5 tips for creating a successful entryway.
1.  Coat storage.

It may seem obvious to store outerwear within a nearby closet, but what if you don’t have one?  It is amazing what the addition some hooks can do to give you an amazing amount of hanging space for jackets, handbags and accessories.  If you have a larger family or more gear to store, place hooks in multiple rows or on a few different nearby walls.

2.  Shoe storage.

Good boot and shoe storage is important for a few reasons, however, mainly it is to ensure there are no tripping hazards upon entering the abode.  There are plenty of great shoe benches on the market, which get a thumbs up for doubling as seating).  Another wonderful option is to re-purpose a sturdy cabinet to conceal your fancy footwear.  Cabinets allow you to store taller boots with ease, just be sure to place some shelf liner on the insides to protect the cabinet from sands and salts that are often times tracked into the home.  I also love cabinets for tucking away bulky items, such as backpacks, purses and winter accessories.

3.  Drop zone.

It is amazing to think how much we attempt to carry into our home each day.  Everything from keys to mail to lunch totes and backpacks, cell phones to handbags to umbrellas and work totes… Our arms are often times overflowing when walking through the front door.  Each one of those items needs a dedicated landing spot, or a drop zone, right inside the door to ensure piles don’t quickly form throughout the home.  Keeping all of your daily necessities located in one spot also keeps things simple to find the following morning.
Paper clutter tends to be a really common household problem, which can easily be solved with the addition of some wall pockets right inside the door.  Just be sure to manage the mail straight from the mailbox; recycle the junk pile and sort the rest into action bins that can be managed on a daily or weekly basis.

4.  Mirror mate.
This one is simple but a huge perk nonetheless.  Adding a mirror just inside the door, gives you one last look before heading to work or out on a hot date.  It is also a courtesy to guests entering the home, who may need to do a quick check as well.

5.  A good rug.

By adding a good rug within the entry of your home, you are fighting the good fight against excess dirt, pollen, pesticides and other harmful germs that are often times tracked in on the bottom of our boots and shoes.  A good indoor/outdoor rug which is absorbent and soaks up salts and sands, will also keep your floors protected from water damage and abrasive scuffs.

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