Organize This: Drop Zone!

Trend:  Multifunctional Drop Zones

Drop zones are commonly located inside of an entry door, and provide a location to store a variety of items that typically make their way into the home with you.  Drop zones are completely personal and based on individual storage needs, however, here are the most common items to consider when putting together a drop zone in your own home:

  • The main purpose of a drop zone is to provide you with storage space for your everyday belongings; things you take with you when you leave and items you bring back into the home frequently.  Most drop zones are right out in the open for easy access, however, they can also be concealed within cabinets or coat closets.
  • When designing your drop zone, the first step is to identify the items you need to store and utilize daily.  What items are you always looking for as you make a mad dash out the door in the morning?  How about items you find filling your arms when you return home in the evening?  Also consider the remainder of your family’s routine in those similar scenarios.
  • Create a surface.  Whether using a cabinet, dresser or shelf, a surface for your belongings is the first step of the process.  Floor cabinets not only provide a location to set belongings, they also double as storage for shoes, backpacks and handbags.  If space is extremely tight and limited, maximize wall space with alternative options such as hooks and bulletin boards.
  • Designate a place for keys.  No one enjoys those moments when you have somewhere to be, yet keys are nowhere to be found.  Designating a hook or tray for keys inside the door will prevent you from being delayed in the future.
  • Just like keys, portable electronics seem to go with us everywhere these days.  Adding an outlet to create a charging station will keep your cell phone and tablet charged and ready to go when you are.
  • Oversized baskets work great for corralling winter gear, umbrellas and footwear near entrances.
  • Add a tray, stationery station or wall pockets for incoming mail and school paperwork.  This is a great location to place stamps, an address book and blank notecards for mailing bills and quick correspondences.  It is also the perfect place to drop incoming mail to be sorted at a more convenient time.  Many individuals also prefer to use a corkboard as a place to pin up calendars, invitations and important paperwork that will eventually require attention.
  • Hooks are your best friend in an entryway.  They work wonders for keeping handbags, accessories and outerwear off of the floor.
  • Lighting is easily overlooked near drop zones, however, very important to the process of grabbing things in the early morning and putting things away in the late evening.  Consider an overhead hanging light, wall sconce or table lamp right inside your door.
  • Adding a mirror provides a spot for those quick hair and makeup touch-ups before heading to work or an event.


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