Organize This: A Wonderful Wardrobe!

Trend:  Goodbye closet, hello wardrobe!


Whether your existing closet is far too small or one does not exist at all, wardrobes have been around for ages as a fantastic stand-in solution.  However, they have come a long way over the years!
It seems that I am seeing individuals opting to install wall-to-wall wardrobes in place of everyday closet systems more and more frequently.  There is something really appealing about the ability to keep everything within reach and easy to access, yet nicely concealed at the same time.  I also find that wardrobes are beginning to offer endless custom storage solutions at a fraction of the walk-in closet price.
The first step in selecting the right wardrobe, is taking the time to do an inventory of your current belongings.  Take note of every last shoe, accessory and dress, and use those numbers as a guide to determine your storage needs.  Between your clothing count and your allotted space, you are well on your way to finding a suitable option.
Although some wardrobes come with limited built-in storage solutions, customization options are endless!  This is another reason why these pieces of furniture are becoming more prominent.


Let’s start with ways you can modify the exterior of a wardrobe to adapt it to your space:

  • Install decorative crown moulding to the top of the wardrobe to give it an instant high-end appearance.
  • Change out the stock hardware.  Off-the-shelf wardrobes typically come with inexpensive knobs and pulls and simply upgrading the hardware will take the wardrobe from great to grand.
  • With the proper technique, paint can be applied to most pieces of furniture and completely transform the way they compliment a space.
  • Some wardrobes may be “hacked” and built-in for a custom storage look at a fraction of the custom furniture price.



Now where it is important to make every inch count. the wardrobe interior:

  • Utilize the backs of the doors with organizers and outfit inspiration boards.
  • Don’t be afraid to add additional shelving.  Just because it wasn’t purchased with enough shelves, doesn’t mean you can’t bring in more.
  • Add drawers for accessories and undergarments.  Whether you purchase something custom for the closet or utilize a store bought option, drawers go a long way with clothing and accessory storage.



  • Add baskets to the shelves.  Baskets are great for corralling odd shaped items and concealing clutter.  Pop a label on the fronts for quick identification.
  • Install hooks to the interior walls and doors for ties, belts and scarves.
  • Install a second closet rod for double the hanging space.
  • Use slim, felt hangers to maximize hanging capacity and prevent clothing from slipping to the floor.
  • Add in a shoe organizer to the lower portion of the wardrobe to keep your footwear looking fancy.

So what do you think?  Are you a fan of wardrobes and their versatility?

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