One, Two, Three – Say Cheese

Picture TipsThe spring market is well underway in Chicago. Sellers are looking for that perfect buyer, and buyers want to purchase their dream Chicago home. How does a seller prove to buyers that their listing is that dream home?  There are some obvious ways to promote your home, whether selling by owner or using a Realtor©, one of the most important ways to increase traffic is through quality pictures.
We are in a new age with everything being done via the internet and potential buyers start their search online. A buyer will search real estate listings and the first thing they see is the picture of your home. This initial picture must be eye catching and make a good impression for them to continue clicking through the information regarding your home.
If you are using a Realtor© to sell your home, find out who will be taking the pictures. Some agents prefer taking the pictures themselves or some hire a professional photographer. Take a look at the agent’s website to see the quality of pictures taken of other homes they have listed so you know what to expect.
If you are selling your home on your own, you have the option of hiring a photographer, but this can become pricey. There is nothing that can replace professional photography, but if you just can’t spend the extra money, you have to take your own pictures. By following these tips, you will be able to take quality pictures and attract potential buyers!

  • Make sure you have a good camera. Taking photos with your cell phone will not give the quality or impression you are looking to give. There are many cameras on the market that will not break your budget. All that is needed is a point and shoot digital camera with five mega-pixels or more.
  • Take the time to stage your home. Buyers want to see the living space and not all the visible clutter. Make sure to put away unnecessary objects and remove magnets from the refrigerator. Putting a vase of fresh cut flowers can always be used to brighten up a room.
  • The right time of day is another important aspect to quality pictures. Do not take interior pictures at night or on a rainy day. This will make the pictures look too gloomy. Turning on all the room lights and opening the blinds will give the room an open and bright feel. Exterior pictures can be taken on a cloudy day to avoid having the sun produce unwanted shadows.
  • Show off the room by taking multiple pictures at different angles that will show the room in its entirety. You want the room to look spacious and show off its natural feel. If you have a fireplace or any other special feature, take a close up. Remember when taking pictures of the outside of your house do not include poles and wires. Stand at an angle because it will show the depth of your home.
  • When taking pictures, make sure they give the right impression. Do not use a wide angle lens; it creates a larger look to the room. This will mislead potential buyers into thinking the room is bigger than the actual size.
  • Take as many photos as possible from as many angles as possible. This gives you multiple options to choose from when picking the pictures you want to attach to your listing.
  • Lastly and most important, do not publish your listing without the photos! If you want buyers to look at your home give them all the important pieces that will draw their attention to your listing.

Take advantage of these beautiful sunny days to take the best photos possible of your Chicago home. Remember, you want your photos to leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer.