New Year’s Eve Decor for Your New Homes in Chicago

chicago new homes new year's decor
Are you entertaining guests in your home this year? Then check out some of these fun New Year’s Eve decor tips!

  • Black, white and silver table settings. Nothing says elegant and trendy like a classic table setting, and if you use simple plates and silverware, you can spend more time glamming up your table with sparkly accessories.
  • Make use of extra holiday ornaments. One way to create an easy, eye-catching centerpiece is by mixing a variety of holiday ornaments in a glass or silver bowl.
  • Get creative with napkin rings. You can even make your own napkin rings using glittery star embellishments (these can be purchased at a craft store) that you can tie to a napkin with silver curling ribbon.
  • Use leftover holiday paper for hanging streamers. Have a bunch of silver and gold wrapping paper that’s taking up space in your closet? Then make some New Year’s Eve streamers! Glue the leftover paper to card stock, then cut out some unique designs that you can string together.
  • Gold votives. This is a super budget-friendly and easy way to add some flair to your dinner table. You can find low-cost gold votives at stores such as Target and Crate & Barrel, or if you’re feeling crafty you can purchase paint at a craft store and make your own.

Use these tips to create an imaginative table setting that your guests will certainly remember!