Neighborly News, Reviews and Real Estate

Sometimes it’s nice to get a glimpse of what’s going on locally in Chicago.  Truly a city of neighborhoods, Chicago seems like a city of little towns packed together.  So it’s no doubt helpful to have a source for local goings on in your ‘hood.  That is why I think that is pretty cool and sometimes a little bit of an eye opener.  Once I punched in my neighborhood of  Lincoln Square, you get to see today’s newest local business reviews, Trulia real estate listings, new restaurant review posts from and more.  Every Tuesday, publishes local crime reports from the police department.
This website is kind of like an integrated blog collection site of places reviewed, businesses rated and Chicago real estate transfered.  Other categories include real estate auctions, liquor and business licenses issued or applied for, street closures and more.  You can post your Flickr photos to share and the site also ties into lost and found. now is only in 15 major cities but with time, I imagine that this site will expand to include more regional areas.
Certainly this type of site isn’t a groundbreaking idea, but its a Chicago start up company with its team of devlopers with ties to the Chicagoland area.  Check it out