Multi-tasking CFL Bulb Cleans as it Gleams

If you still haven’t gotten on board and stopped using standard light bulbs, here’s another incentive to go green: The Ionic Bulb, the light bulb that cleans.
The Ionic Bulb is a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL), which are the kind that last longer and use less energy, but this one is special: It has a built-in, air-purifying microchip powered by the bulb’s energy that claims to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, odors, allergens and airborne viruses from the air.
That’s quite the CFL.
The Ionic Bulb claims to emit healthier, more natural light full of negative ions. These ions attach themselves to pollutants and neutralize them.
The bulb uses 75 percent less energy and just a quarter of the wattage of a standard bulb for the same amount of light. A single bulb works in a 100-square-foot area and lasts 10 times longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. The initial cost is more expensive, at $19.99 for two bulbs, but in the end, you will save money and energy.
Plus, it’s hard to put a price on a product that can actually stop an airborne virus from spreading in your house.