More Construction Firms Will Hire This Year

One of the best signs to indicate that the real estate market is improving is an increase in construction jobs, something a new report says should be a reality this year.
The Associated General Contractors of America and Navigant today released a survey to show that more construction firms plan to hire workers this year than fire them, including in Illinois.
Guy giving Thumbs-up on Construction SiteThe survey, based on answers from almost 1,300 construction firms in 49 U.S. states, “shows the industry may finally be emerging from a severe downturn that has left millions of skilled workers unemployed.”
“This won’t be an easy year for most firms, but it will be better than last year,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer. “If current trends continue, this industry will be in a much better position 12 months from now than it is today.”
In 2010, 55 percent of firms nationwide laid off workers while only 20 percent hired.
The outlook for 2011, however, is better: 27 percent of construction firms plan to add staff and about 20 percent plan layoffs.
Last year in Illinois, 58 percent of companies laid off construction workers and about 15 percent added employees.
In 2011, about 29 percent have already expressed interest in hiring and only 12 percent are planning cuts. The percent of those who don’t know or expect no change is 59 percent.
It’s still an improvement.
The biggest projections from the study came from two states:
*Iowa: More than 45 percent of firms plan to hire this year, the most of any state, and only about 5 percent plan layoffs.
*Idaho: 48 percent plan to cut employees this year, the highest percentage of any state, and only 14 percent plan to hire.
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