Millennials to Help Lead the Housing Recovery

Millenial home buyers
As the youngest generation of homebuyers has dealt with the economic problems by staying in school longer, living with their parents or being content to rent longer, a large portion of what would normally be first time homebuyers has been missing from the market. However, according to a new study from the Pulte Group that was featured in Chicago Agent Magazine, things are about to change.
Purchasing real estate in Chicago is of rising importance for millennials, who are expected to help lead the economy out of the slump by investing in land. As much as 65 percent of millennials surveyed indicated that their intention to buy, and 52 percent say this desire stems from a need to own or build equity. Millennials also don’t plan on living alone; 76 percent anticipate living with a partner and 22 percent plan on roommates, friends or extended family in their new homes.
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