Many Chicago New Homes Residents Suffer from Holiday 'Pet Guilt'

chicago homeowner pet guiltDo you suffer from holiday ‘pet guilt’? In a recent study conducted by Orbitz, 33 percent of homeowners say they feel guilty about leaving their pet behind during holiday travel!
If you’re a Chicago homeowner who is prone to suffering from ‘pet guilt,’ here are some tips that will make your search for the perfect boarding facility much easier.

  • Make sure to take a tour of the facility so that you can meet the staff.
  • Focus on amenities that will enable your dog to get plenty of exercise, since being in an active situation will ease a dog’s stress.
  • Make sure you understand how medical emergencies are handled at a particular kennel, and find facilities that have strong relationships with local veterinarians.
  • Ask the kennels to describe the daily routines for boarded pets. This is especially important for dogs who need frequent exercise and potty breaks.
  • Find out of the kennel is staffed 24 hours a day. This will ensure that there will always be staff on-call.
  • Ask the staff how they handle medical conditions, and find out which staff members are responsible for administering medications.
  • Find out more about the staffs’ background and credentials. How long have they been working at the kennel? Do they have any special animal training or behavioral certifications?
  • If you are seeking a kennel for your dog, make sure you find one where your dog will receive lots of social interaction through walks or group play time.
  • Ask how often the kennel is cleaned and disinfected as it is important that your pet does not become ill when you are away.
  • Find out if group play is supervised. If you are boarding a dog, you’ll want to verify that any time spent with other dogs is closely monitored.

Will you be using kennels or pet boarding facilities while away from your Chicago new home this holiday season?