Make Your Tax Plan Strong For a Prosperous 2013

2013 Tax Plan makes life easierOne of the common resolutions for 2013 is to pick up a new skill or hobby. While some of these skills may help out, few will help you have a more prosperous 2013 and ease your mind more than setting a path to be better at taxes. You won’t have to be an expert – it just takes making a plan for taxes and sticking to it!
In the article, “
Six Tax Resolutions for the New Year
,” the Equifax Finance Blog gives you definite targets for your resolutions, so be sure to check it out for in depth advice like this:

  • Set aside your receipts and other financial records all year long. You don’t have to store them physically, either – scans are great too. If you want to go with paper, you can pick up an inexpensive expandable file at any office supply store to save records.
  • Keep up with your credit report. This has the double whammy of helping you know when you may be victim to
    identity theft types
    and helping you plan for your future to have a higher score. The higher score will help protect you against interest and make it easier to get loans.
  • Don’t forget to have fun, and make sure you schedule it in with your budgeting and planning. Too often people wait until the last moment to have fun and over-indulge financially, and then they forget to get receipts. Plan to have fun and budget to overspend so you aren’t in trouble when it’s time to come home from that trip.

The Equifax Finance Blog has more helpful tips for a better life through personal finance, so be sure to check it out and learn more!