Make a Garden for Your Chicago New Home to Save Money

Use the land around your Chicago new home to garden and save moneyAs an owner of a Chicago new home, there’s a lot you can do with your yard to help
save money
and allow you to eat healthier. All it takes is a few materials, time and some yard space. Teri Cettina explains all about what you need in the Equifax Finance Blog article, “
Start Your Own Veggie and Herb Garden.”
It’s important to find out about your yard’s location, such as what kind of soil and sunlight your yard gets. Don’t be afraid to talk to other gardeners to learn some great crops for your specific area’s sun, rain and earth acidity.
With that and a little work in hand, you can easily track your return on investment to see how much the total cost of your gardening compares to the prices at your local supermarket. On top of that, you can truly taste the fruit and vegetables of your savings, something you usually can’t do with budgeting. This home grown deliciousness is as organic as it gets, and it’s easy to support the farm-to-table movement when the farm is in your own yard.
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