Lose the Landline While Using Your Home Phone With New Product

I know plenty of people who have eliminated their home phone’s landline and use only their cell phone for communication.
It saves money, considering they are also eliminating an entire phone bill, and those people can be reached anywhere they go.
When those cell phoners are at home, however, I find it is harder to reach them. Few people walk around the house with cell phone in tow, and when you lose the landline, you lose the symphony of ringing throughout your home.
A new product offers a solution.
Cobra Electronics Corporation today launched the Cobra PhoneLynx system, which uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pair the user’s cell phone with their home phones.
So, when the cell phone rings, all the home phones ring. And, when you make a call using your home phone, that call will go through using your cell phone number.
You can even charge your cell phone while you are using your home phone even though it’s your cell phone you are ultimately using. Get it? Pretty neat.
“The Cobra PhoneLynx system truly represents the next generation of home telecommunications,” said Sally Washlow of Cobra Electronics. “With the Cobra PhoneLynx system, there’s simply no reason for most people to waste hundreds of dollars each year on home phone bills.”
Other pluses:
*Cobra uses ClearCall noise-canceling technology and claims that consumers will find their cell phone connection to sound better than ever before.
*The product does not require an Internet connection; it just plugs into the wall.
*There are no fees attached to this product. Just buy it (suggested retail price is $59.95, but I bet you can find it cheaper), install it (it’s easy, like pairing a cell phone with a wireless headset) and start dialing (if you have a call to make).
It is estimated that 25 percent of Americans are already “cell phone only” households. It is also estimated that 99 percent of the U.S. population is currently covered by a wireless provider. We are one connected country.
I can already think of several people who would love this for a holiday gift. Me, personally, I still like leaving the house behind when I leave and would rather come home to a slew of messages on the answering machine than field phone calls wherever I am. But that’s just me.
Cobra PhoneLynx is available in stores, online and through www.cobra.com. For more information, visit www.CobraPhoneLynx.com. You can even order it from your cell phone.