Use the Right Key Words to Unlock the Path to Your New Chicago Home

What keyword are best for online house huntingHow many beautiful homes have you seen on listings? No doubt quite a few, as “beautiful” is the highest-ranking keyword nationally to describe real estate for sale, according to a survey of 300,000 property listings by Point2Homes. Another popular word was “spacious,” which is just as subjective. When it comes to searching for your next new home in Chicago, don’t let words like these fool you – after all, what one person considers beautiful may be another person’s idea of a “fixer upper” or “investor opportunity.”
Home searchers can get richer-quality results and details by using some of the other popular keywords that speak directly to the home’s features. Including terms like “hardwood floors,” “stainless steel appliances” or “master on main” speak directly to qualities included in the home. Some other terms  are on the borderline, such as “closet space” or “lake views.” While a home will have “closet space,” this term alone won’t tell you how much. Similarly, a property might have views of a lake, mountain or other desirable vista only at a certain point each year, such as in late fall and winter.
Getting yours terms right in your search for Chicago real estate will help you in your real estate search and help you find the place that is right for you. Think twice when you are considering what words you are searching for and keep exploring to find the right property for you.