It's Like a Shopping Game for Adults

Need some new cookware? Want some for a penny apiece? Like stickers?
Jewel-Osco has started a promotion that is reminiscent of trading stamps from yesteryear.

Non-stick frypan = 50 stickers + one cent

Here’s how it works:
*You shop with your Jewel-Osco Preferred Customer Card
*You earn a reward sticker for every $10 spent on eligible purchases
*You save up your stickers
*You redeem those stickers for cookware

Square grill pan = 90 stickers + one cent

There are eight different pieces of Thomas Professional Cookware you can get just for collecting stickers while you shop.
There is a cost involved: Besides accumulating the required amount of reward stickers, each piece of cookware will cost you one cent.
Pretty good deal, huh?
There are some non-stick frying pans, a saute pan, a casserole pan, a roasting pan with a rack, a dutch oven with a lid and a square grill pan, all available for a bunch of stickers and a penny.
The stickers will be rewarded on eligible purchases between now and January 12, 2011, or until the cookware runs out. There is no limit on how much you can redeem.
Pretty much all food is eligible. You will not get stickers for:

Dutch oven with lid = 100 stickers + one cent

*Money orders
*Lottery tickets
*Gift cards

Roasting pan with rack = 130 stickers + one cent

You save your stickers on a Saver Card, which you can get at the store or by printing one at, where you can also view the cookware.
How fun! It’s an incentive to shop.
And, to cook, I suppose.