I'm Going to View the One About Headlines

Did you attend the National Association of Realtors Webinar Summit on June 9?
Well, you still can.
Some of the top real estate professionals in the country shared their knowledge at the 2010 Summit in June.
You can view those webinars for free until July 21. At that, they’ll be available for a fee.
Here is a list and short summary of each webinar from the Summit.
Title: Special Management Session: How to Build a Self Recruiting Office
Speaker: Experienced agent recruiter Rich Casto
Summary: Transform your agent-recruiting strategy. For managers and brokers only.
Title: 13 Powerful Real Estate Blogging Tips to Generate Business
Speaker: Technology expert Amy Chorew
Summary: Learn how to use blogging as a marketing and communication tool.
Title: Seven Strategies to Increase Your Business Through Effective Communication
Speaker: Author and coach Carla Cross
Summary: How to get your buyers and sellers into a transaction.
Title: Top Ten Closing Scripts of Today’s Top Agents
Speaker: Best-selling author Bernice Ross
Summary: Proven-in-the-field listing, pricing and sales scripts that the continent’s most successful agents are using to close more transactions.
Title: Seven Proven Headline Formulas That Show You How to Sell Like Crazy
Speaker: Leading marketing expert Jennifer Cummings
Summary: Up to 90% of the effectiveness of an article, blog, Facebook posting, flyer or any marketing piece is the headline. Learn how to write killer headlines.
Title: Five Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies That Work!
Speaker: Web and marking expert Tricia Andreassen
Summary: Learn how to generate high quality leads that result in closed transactions.
There are also upcoming webinars available for a currently discounted fee.
*July 13: How to Successfully Market to Sellers Facing Foreclosure
*July 20: 7 Strategies to Leverage Facebook for Business
*July 27: 7 Powerful Free Tools To Increase Your Productivity, Target Your Niche and Increase Quality Leads
*August 3: How to Create & Deliver a Killer Listing Presentation
*August 10: The Five Best Methods to Propel your Business to the Finish Line
*August 17: Blogging for Business with Amy Chorew
*August 24: YouTube and Beyond: 7 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Leads In the Next 30 Days