How to Achieve Serious Small Space Style, Including Small-Space Furniture Ideas

Stylish small spaces are defined by not only being stylish, but knowing how to make the most of small space so that it actually feels roomy and luxurious. To get this effect there are six things you should know:
1. Always include something big. Small spaces will actually feel smaller if you make everything tiny, so by placing at least one surprising, oversized object into the room (artwork or lighting are good choices) you will create a pleasing contrast that will help the room to feel much bigger.

2. Use the walls. Utilizing your walls for extra storage space is a must. Bookcases, hooks, shelves, wall mount lights and tall slim cabinets that rise up your walls will allow you to keep your floors open.

3. But don’t use ALL of your walls. If you want a room to feel open visually be sparing in your coverage of the walls you don’t use for storage. Cutting down on hanging art and clustering storage along one wall will cut down on visual clutter. A nice coat of paint is just as good as a piece of interesting art in a small room.
4. Use off whites for color and brightness. White paint on your walls will reflect more light and make your space expand visually, BUT off-whites (with a touch of color) are far more interesting and stylish.

5. Turn up the lights. Shadows caused by underlighting will contract even the best of rooms and make any space feel smaller, so always have at least three points of light in every room. For really tight spaces small scale track lighting is a great way to boost the light and uplights set in the corners are a great way to illuminate your walls and make them seem taller.
6. Paint or stain your floor dark. While going light and bright with walls and ceilings helps to expand a room upward, going dark on the floor creates a crisp contrast that also makes your floors disappear beneath your feet.

Good chic furniture that will optimize a small space without looking awful is also important, and because you need so little, splurging makes sense. Here are my top choices that I’ve used again and again:

  • Stanley Console by Gus Modern. With only two legs and a slim surface this is the perfect piece for a hard working entryway.
  • Elfa Shelving. Well priced, stylishly designed and with many options for wood color and depth, this is my go to source for quick wall storage.
  • Ercol Bar Stools. Handmade in England, this simple beautiful design now comes in colors to make the most of a bar area in the smallest amount of space.
  • IKEA Gulliver Crib. If you’re putting together a baby’s nursery, this is the slimmest, nicest thing you can buy.
  • West Elm Tripod table. Round always wins and three legs is better than four. This is a perfect small table for a kitchen.
  • Hailo Big Box Trash Can. Attractive slim trash cans are hard to find. This one is top of its class.