A Green Home Must Also Be A Well Ventilated Home

molidorcustombuildersA ‘green home’ may not conjure up thoughts of a ‘healthy home’ but indoor air quality is a major factor in achieving energy efficiency.  Buying and building an energy efficient green home requires putting the ‘V’ back in HVAC.  This is a major concern of Tom Molidor, president of Clarendon-based Molidor Custom Builders of suburban Chicago.
“Because today’s new construction residences, particularly green homes, are so well caulked, fitted and insulated, they can trap and recycle toxins in our indoor air, preventing homeowners from having good indoor air quality,” said Molidor. “New homes that don’t ‘breathe’ well can have adverse health effects on their occupants, chiefly those with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies, which one in four Americans now suffer from.”
Molidor Custom Builders know that to build a ‘healthy home,’ the mechanical system must be designed to allow for proper air exchange of fresh outdoor air many times a day of the entire home.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor air quality is listed as the forth largest environmental threat to our country with common organic pollutants up to five times higher level inside homes than outside.   Add to that the nature of Chicago real estate in the cold winter months, people tend to spend most of their time in doors with little to no outside ventilation and in turn, tend to have more health issues.
Tom Molidor also is keenly aware when building Chicago green homes of using low VOC (Volitile Organic Compounds) adhesives, paints, lacquers and other building materials which are of course, abundant in a new home.  He’s learned to be conscious of customer sensitivities to allergens because his own wife developed such a sensitivity after they became married.  Energy efficiency, green building and healthy air quality are one in the same for Molidor Custom Builders.
Molidor Custom Builders will build a new residence—including a healthy home—on any chosen lot throughout the city or suburbs. Its architects on staff can create a completely unique design from scratch, or the firm can build to suit any outside floorplan you present. For those interested in modernizing their existing home, Molidor Custom Builders is also a full-service remodeling firm. For more information, call (630) 789-1500 or visit www.molidorbldr.com.