Get the Look: Indigo and Dip-Dye

TREND: Shades of indigo and dip dyed fabrics.
I keep seeing indigo and tie-dyed, hand-dyed fabrics popping up everywhere.  It’s a nice fit with all the chambray and denim on denim everywhere in fashion.  If you like the look, here are some ways to incorporate it into a nursery (maybe even try some pieces yourself – might be fun to try it on a crib sheet!).  I like the juxtaposition of this look with some more polished, clean lines to keep it from getting too overdone. indigo nursery ideasSources, from top left: (1) Turning Pendant; (2) Indigo Blue Painting; (3) Jet Set; (4) Sunset; (5) Constellation Gardens Hoop; (6) Nashville Blueprint; (7) Blue Abstract Painting; (8) Shibori Print; (9) Denim & Cork Pillow; (10) Natural Sparrow Crib; (11) Denim & Cork Pillow; (12) Gold Rock Lamp; (13) Walnut Dresser; (14) Ikat Pillow; (15) Wood Print; (16) Indigo Rail Dhurrie; (17) James Harrison Chair; (18) Curtain Panels; (19) Crib Sheet; (20) Dhurrie Pouf 
Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay